Sharing Your Product with Others

3 effective ways to immediately benefit the lives of others.

Share Actual Product

While it may not be the most affordable way to share, many people buy extra product or give away some of theirs to let other people experience the product themselves.

Only products you’ve experienced that have an immediate effect will be the products you’ll want to share as samples to others.

Simplinano has created samples as a more affordable way to share product with others. You may have received samples in your Business Builder Pack order. If you would like to share samples of the product, simply login to your account and visit the Affiliate Shop to see what’s available.

You can also gift a bottle of product to a person that you know will use the product consistently, will report on their progress, and will continue using the product after they see the effects it has in their life. Gifting a bottle to a social media influencer may also be appropriate in this scenario.

Share Product Digitally

You don’t have to purchase samples or extra product to share online. Sharing product information, your personal testimonial, links to your website pages, and more can be effective ways to motivate people to get involved with your product.

Give Gift Certificates

Some people you want to share product with may not live close enough to conveniently hand product to them. In these cases, you can use gift certificates to help make it easier for people to purchase product. You can send a gift certificate for any amount to help make this easier or more affordable for others. 

Some affiliates even use gift certificates to help new enrollees better afford a Business Builder Pack. 

Login to the Affiliate Shop to see what gift certificates are available.

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