Sales Volume Bonus Pool

Founding Affiliates that qualify share in a bonus pool funded by sales volume! 

This bonus pool currently takes 2% of sales volume and shares it equally with all qualifying Founding Affiliates. 

The Deadline for Re-qualifying is Approaching Soon!


How to Qualify

Follow these steps to get your share of the bonus pool:


Must already be a Simplinano Founding Affiliate.


Maintain your active 2-bottles Daily Wellness CBD Cream subscription order every month.

If steps 1 and 2 are true at bonus calculation each quarter, then you will receive an equal share of the bonus pool. As the company grows, the bonus pool grows, and so will your share!

Get your share each and every quarter you qualify!

After each quarter, 2% of all sales volume will be calculated and divided equally among all qualifying Founding Affiliates.

2-bottles Simplinano
Daily Wellness CBD Cream

What if I already qualify?

Congratulations! As long as you continue to qualify,  you don't need to do anything else to receive the bonus each quarter.

What if I stopped my subscription order since I became a Founding Affiliate?

No worries. We're offering a one-time opportunity to start fresh and qualify now! 

To qualify, transact a new 2-bottles Daily Wellness CBD Cream subscription order on or before Friday March 19th, 2021 (closes at 11:59pm MST), and continue to transact that order each month. 


If you already qualify (or if you re-qualify by taking the action described above), you will share in a bonus pool of 2% of sales volume from all of 2020.

Important Note: If you qualify (or re-qualify per the rules above) and you don't purchase a 2-bottles Daily Wellness CBD Cream subscription order in any future month, you will no longer qualify for this bonus. This offer is intended to run indefinitely, however, Simplinano reserves the right to end the offer at any time.