Simplinano has been on a journey in the making since the Fall of 2018. It was then we first learned about nanotechnology and the scientific breakthrough called “Triple Diamond Pure Water Nanotechnology”. This discovery transformed our thinking about the future of product offerings.

We instantly knew this breakthrough would allow us to create the absolute most powerful, effective, and fast-acting wellness/anti-aging products you could find.

After Congress legalized hemp in the December 2018 Farm Bill Act, it became obvious that our flagship product and focus should be on enhancing CBD with Simplinano’s nanotechnology. 

Knowing all of the amazing benefits that natural cannabinoids (CBD) offer the human body, we wanted to ensure any CBD we offered in a product was as potent and efficacious as possible. We determined not all CBD is created equal. 

We found most hemp was grown in soil containing high levels of toxins and metals, along with unwanted chemicals in processing. Unfortunately, this appeared to be standard in the hemp industry… Until NOW!

Our determination to develop the very best, toxic-free grown hemp in an FDA/GMP manufacturing facility quickly became our passion and the results are in… We nailed it! Don’t take our word for it, see our third party, world class top-tier testing facilities batch results.

Relentless in our pursuit to develop the finest CBD with the best nanotechnology, we asked our scientists to spare no expense to ensure we were not missing anything in this life-changing product. 

Introducing, GLUTATHIONE! None of us had ever heard of this incredible supplement. Heck, most of us still can’t pronounce it correctly (ɡlo͞odəˈTHīōn)! Our lead scientist was adamant that with our nanotechnology, combining CBD and Glutathione in a single product would add a potent antioxidant protection to our formula.

Finally, on February 26, 2020, our “baby” was born -- the best CBD, Glutathione-infused product on the market.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us create this amazing gift with which nature has blessed us. Also, we here at Simplinano, want to thank you for reading our story and hope you’ll experience the benefits of our incredible journey.

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