Gold Standard Hemp

Hemp Quality Matters

Not All Hemp Extracts Are Created Equal

With the increase in hemp/CBD products hitting the market, it's important to know what makes a hemp product safe, effective and ethical. 

Products that are made using extracts that utilize harsh solvents or other chemicals can negate the very benefits you are hoping to cultivate. The performance of every hemp product is critically dependent on the quality of its base extract.

Simplinano starts with the highest quality, organically grown hemp. We also encourage the use of Gold Standard whenever possible to optimize product performance by leveraging the entourage effect.

The Gold Standard

old StandardSimplinano uses the highest quality hemp extract for optimal effectiveness. Through a patented proprietary technology, all of the benefits are retained from the whole plant. 

What we call the Gold Standard hemp includes the most terpenes compared to all other extraction methods, because it is the only process that does not use heat and chemicals that destroy these valuable components. 

The resulting Gold Standard hemp includes a wide array of cannabinoids, include a small amount of THC, plus flavonoids and a host of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and alkaloids resulting in a high performing product that fully harnesses the benefits of the entourage effect.

The Simplinano Difference

Uncompromising Quality

Our unique proprietary processes and technologies ensure the highest quality extraction without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our pharmaceutical-grade technology includes the use of high shear (micro fluidizing-rapid particle size reduction) processors to create nano-sized particles which enhance bioavailability and optimize performance.

Pure and Potent

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and potency through state-approved testing facilities, and we strictly adhere to GMP, OTC and Metric protocols to ensure the utmost integrity and performance of our Products.

Toxic Free

Our products are certified Toxic Free, which means that all formulas are free of any ingredients that are suspected to have short-or-long-term effects on the health and safety of our customers or the environment.