When Your Package Arrives

When you signed up as an Affiliate Member you probably ordered product from Simplinano. 

Here's what to do WHEN your package arrives


Review your order to make sure it matches what was delivered (if it doesn’t, contact our support team right away at 385-404-2277)


Contact your sponsor and let them know your package arrived (their contact information will be on the dashboard of your Simplinano Affiliate Back Office – you don’t need to contact them following other purchases)


Apply nanotopical products directly to the area where you need it or to the wrists (just below you palms) and the soft tissue on the opposite side of your elbows and knees


Ask your sponsor any questions you have about the product or about running a successful affiliate business (or call our support line for any quick questions you need answered)

Here's what to do BEFORE your package arrives


Login to your back office and complete the short Simplinano Initial Health Inventory (you want to do this to compare your results later – this builds your success story with the product)

We’re confident you’ll love the product and we’re confident you’ll find a positive experience in the Affiliate program at Simplinano.

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