Sharing the Business with Others

It can take many forms and can happen most anywhere.

Find Out Why

Sharing the Simplinano opportunity with others can take many forms and can happen in many different environments. Essentially, it comes down to finding out why a person may want to earn more, and then you provide a way to for that person to get more of what they want.

Some people will love your product and just want to earn enough to purchase more.

For some people earning an extra $500 per month can be life changing.

For some, earning enough to spend a little extra time with family or friends is most important.

For others, replacing their current income or more may be their desire. Financial independence can be a powerful motivating force.

Regardless, the Simplinano opportunity can help people get what they truly want.

How to Share

  • Sharing the product and teaching how to get the product for free (see our previous info on this subject).
  • Promoting with advertising on social media, forums, and other websites.
  • Holding online and in-person business opportunity meetings.
  • Holding business opportunity group and individual calls.
  • Network at business events and local business organizations.

Be You/Be Authentic

You’ll need to learn how to talk about the business in a way that fits your personality. Oftentimes that may also mean learning how to do things that take you out of your comfort zone. 

Do What Works

If sharing the business is something new for you, then you’ll want to learn how others do it.

Learning what others are doing to successfully share the business may be just what you need to find out what works for you. You might as well start with people who are already successful at doing it. And you will find people willing to share.

Login to and click on the Affiliate Training menu item to access past training calls. Hear how others are talking about the business and try to incorporate some of that in your conversations.

You’ll find sharing the business extremely rewarding as you help provide others with opportunities to change their lives in very positive ways.

Understand what they want out of life.