Professional Affiliate

a retail sales program for working professionals

Retail Sales at Work

Do you want to be authorized to sell Simplinano product at your business? All you have to do is become certified as a Professional Affiliate. This is the perfect program for Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, fitness trainers, salon or spa owners, and more.

To become certified as a Professional Affiliate, just complete the form below, buy a Professional Pack, and you will be on your way!

How You Make Money

Simplinano has made it easy for you to make money in different ways.  You can choose one or all three!

1. Retail Price

The suggested retail price for Simplinano’s Daily Wellness CBD Cream is $109 per bottle (you can charge more, but not less). You pay a volume discount price. That means, you make the difference per bottle sold.

Retail Price - Your Cost = Your Profit!

2. Fast Start Bonus from online sales

You make 25% of every order placed by a first-time by online customer.

First-Time Online Orders x 25% = Fast Start Bonus!

3. Subscription Orders from recurring sales.

You can also signup customers for automatic subscription orders. You make 5% of every order placed.

Subscription Order x 5% = Monthly Bonus!

The Rules

There are a few simple requirements.

  1. You may not advertise a price that is lower than the suggested retail price of $129 per bottle (you can charge more).
  2. You may not make false or misleading claims about the product, the company, or its compensation plan.
  3. You may not make health claims (Simplinano Daily Wellness CBD Cream does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition of the body).

Get Certified Today!

Certify as a
Professional Affiliate

Complete the Profile Form  >  Wait for Approval via Email and Follow Acceptance Link  >  Purchase Professional Affiliate Pack

Step 1

Complete the Profile Form

Please complete the following profile form to be considered for the Professional Affiliate program. We are looking for established professional businesses to showcase Simplinano product at their places of business.









Step 2

Wait for Approval via Email and Follow Acceptance Link

Your profile form submission will be reviewed and approved or not approved via email. On approval, your email will contain a link for your to click to accept the approval and start to purchase the Professional Affiliate Pack. This purchase is required to become a Professional Affiliate and properly market Simplinano products at your location. 

Step 3

Purchase Professional Affiliate Pack

Purchasing the Professional Affiliate Pack is the final step to start your Professional Affiliate Membership. This pack includes all you need to display and market Simplinano products. This $399 (reg. $499) pack includes:

  • 10 x 900mg bottles of Daily Wellness CBD Cream - on consignment
  • 1 x table-top branded display
  • 1 x stand-up branded display
  • 3 x Simplinano 4-color posters
  • 10 x Simplinano 4-color brochures
  • 1 x Simplinano USB thumbdrive with looping commercial
  • Affiliate Member status
  • Professional Affiliate status
  • Personal Simplinano website (for online affiliate sales)
  • Online office to track business growth!
  • Currently sold at a $100 discount!

After checkout, your account will be updated to Professional Affiliate status (if you completed the form and purchased the Professional Affiliate Pack). You'll receive an email welcoming you to setup your new Simplinano website (if you don't already have one). Setup is easy and takes just a few minutes. You can start earning money today!