How Your Commissions Work

It's all about your achieved rank.


How much commission you earn depends on what rank you've achieved.

The commission plan at Simplinano is a unilevel plan. That means everyone you enroll is placed on your first level of organization. Everyone they enroll is on their first level of organization. And so on.

Each person you enroll represents a new leg in your organization. You can have as many legs as you want (just enroll more people).

Rank 1

You reach Rank 1 when your volume in sales reaches 200. You earn 5% of the volume purchased by the people you enroll.

Rank 2

Reaching Rank 2 gives you the same commissions and adds a one-time bonus (we’ll talk more about bonuses tomorrow).

Rank 3

Rank 3 is achieved when your sales volume reaches 900. At this rank, you earn 5% from sales to those you enroll (level 1) and 5% from sales to people they enroll (level 2).

Other Ranks

Each time you earn a new rank, you earn another level of 5% payout up to eight levels. This allows you to earn up to 40% of the sales volume in your organization.

These residual earnings are calculated and paid out monthly. Along the way, you'll pick up bonuses as you achieve new ranks. Check out more details about how much you can earn. 

You earned it!