How To Get Your Product For NOTHING

3 ways to break even as an affiliate.

Fast Start Bonus

On the first order of every new affiliate you enroll you receive 25%. So, if you enroll 4 people, you earn 25% x 4 = 100% of your product price. This pays for your next bottle. You can do this each and every month you qualify for it.

Simpli Rank Earnings

If the people you enroll purchase enough product to total 900 points in one month, you earn a one-time bonus of $250 on top of any other commission you earn. That enough to cover 2 months’ worth of product for you.

Check out the 4 ways to get paid with Simplinano.


Occasionally, Simplinano will run a promotion that qualifies you to earn your product for free and keep your earnings too! At the time of writing this email, the promotion was our “3 and It’s FREE” offer. 

Check your email or affiliate back office for any promotional announcements.

Breaking even is an awesome feeling.