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Your endocannabinoid system needs Hemp. As you past your most prime years, production becomes more diminished. This makes you more susceptible to pain.


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My wife has had foot pain for several years. From the first time she rubbed on Simplinano's Daily Wellness CBD Cream her pain in her right heel stopped. This stuff WORKS! And I’m telling everyone I know about it. Thank you all for what you're doing. This CBD product is going to help millions of people! I’m so happy my dear friend introduced me to this. It is a “God Send” to be sure!    

- Timothy W.

My son has some serious behavioral issues. Often, the school asks me to come and pick him up. One day I picked him up at 2:00 and by 5:00 I still couldn't get him to stop. I thought he would have wore himself out by then, but no luck... I tried every trick I knew. At my request, my mother-in-law stopped by and she wiped a Simplinano's CBD and glutathione cream on the back of his neck. Within 15 seconds he caught his breath, gave me a hug, apologized, and then sat down to play with his train set I had pulled out about 90 minutes prior. It’s now been 6 weeks of consistent use and today the school’s director stopped to ask me what we were doing because his transformation has been incredible. I'm a true believer.

- Will P.

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